COMm LAB: animation

response of understanding comics 



1.Response: Understanding Comics

Comic is my childhood. I always think it is very interesting, but I have never seriously thought about what makes comics so interesting. Why continuous pictures and text boxes that appear constantly are able to form a complete story? and why I can accept all of the settings in my mind and be attracted by such the stories?These questions are all answered in this book.

I loved to watch Tintin and Miyazaki's animation when I was a kid, and I always came up with this question “Why the characters in these works are so simple and abstract, but the backgrounds are  realistic and detailed?”

In Scott McCloud’s narration, I seem to understand that a simple characters can help viewers to regard themselves as the characters in the comic, and a realistic background help them to enter the stimulating world of comics. All of these are about audience involvement and audience identification with a story’s character.