COMm LAB: animation (project 2 part 1)


After a free fall, Mr Candy wakes up in a pure dark. 
He doesn’t know what has happened to him, and where is he, what can he do. The only clue is the briefcase nearby which seems to be the only object in this space. 
Then, lights pour in and bring in the scene of an office room, which seems familiar to Mr Candy. He then surprisingly obverses “another” himself being scolded by the boss, yelling, “how can a loser like you support a family?” Sorrow fuses while Mr Candy thinks, only if I can go back in time and marry another women.
Out of nowhere, a ladder appears. Without even giving a second thought, Mr Candy sobs and climbs up the ladder. The ladder leads him to the altar where he got married. He then regrets only if he can go back time and study harder at school. Another ladder appears again to guide him higher and further. 
Scenes by scenes, Mr Candy climbs back to the crib in his delivery room where he is a baby and sleeps soundly. Full of regrets, Mr Candy looks around the room which filled with soft light and sweet smell, and thinks, I can finally make this right, I can finally undo my life.
But then, lights disappear. 
Outside the box, is a passing human being who glimpses at the box in differently. It is a box, a thrown box with melting and dirty candies. Human picks up the box and the candy outside, giving them an elegant curve to the garbage can. 
After a free fall, Mr Candy wakes up in a pure dark.

Story board


Mood board