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art toy design (week7)

Final work!!!



I love candy paper! It’s colorful attractive and interesting. So far, I have probably collected more than 500 pieces of candy paper. I always thought about doing something project with it, now I finally have the opportunity.


The origin of Mr. Candy is a small handcraft that I made when I was in freshman year. I wrapped some toilet paper into a ball and put it in a piece of mint candy paper and drew an eye on it. The combination of sweet candy paper and creepy eyeball is so weird but cute, which is my favorite!

I want to enrich this character and give it its own personality--Not just a little monster that has huge eye and exaggerated eyelashes, but also be delightful and strange. And what can be stranger than putting suits, briefcases, candies and eyeballs together?




my life is too hard

maybe because we are hard candies

A typical Mr. Candy works in a law firm, wears a neat suit and clean leather shoes every single day. He carries an antique briefcase wherever he goes. He doesn’t like laughing (maybe because he can't?) and is very picky about everything. He enjoys spending a lot of time taking care of his eyelashes every day.


Name: Pin K

Blood type: strawberry milk🍓

Pin's is the kindest among the four and enjoys

telling jokes that are not funny at all.

Name: Ge Ren

Blood type: Green tea🍵

Ge may be from China, but he hardly speaks, so no one knows the answer.

Name: Yo Well

Blood type: Lemon juice🍋

Yo likes fantasy. He always thinks that Minions are his cousins.

Name: Pure L

Blood type: Pumpkin Latte🎃


Pure is the seasonal limited for Halloween. He thinks his name is too feminine, so he always messes up his eyelashes  to show his machismo.

come and play with us! 🍬

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