"Ticktock, I see a grandfather clock."

Six-Word Story Project (Due Week 3): Write a six-word story and tell this story through 2-5 rendering images of a small 3D world you build in Maya. For this week, try to create some basic polygonal models (as close as possible to the objects you would like to make), or download some models from Sketchfab (Maya accepts fbx and obj files) based on your story. Try to play around (Also for getting used to the Maya interface and basic workflow)

截屏2021-01-30 下午4.04.28.png

For this assignment, I get inspiration from Miyazaki's film Whisper of the Heart. The story of how heroine found the antique shop on the hillside is quite attractive,  and she was so lucky to see the grandfather clock getting fixed and backing to function. This is the kind of adventuresome experience that I want to have in my own life. Sadly I haven't met that yet, so I plan to recreate this scene using Maya.

To build a mystery antique shop, I found a lot of models on Sketchfab. All of the models are so refined. If you are looking for the models of antique items, I highly recommend this designer--Geoffrey Marchal, his works are amazing!