2021 Fall, UX, New York


The algorithm platform is intended to be a circulation of algorithm products. Through the construction of a decentralized algorithm platform, promote the formation of the group algorithm business ecology of both supply and demand prosperity. To build Bridges between the algorithm supply side, project implementation side, and business customers.

What is the problem

Algorithm research and development in various fields is ping An technology's main commercial projects. Over the decades, Ping An Technology has accumulated a large number of algorithm products. Meanwhile, the number of internal employees and customer groups of Ping An Technology is also increasing, so an integrated platform is needed to collect and display the algorithm.

How do we tackle it

Understand the potential of various user groups, so as to establish a sound platform and collection system.


12 weeks
(May 2021- August 2021)


One Product Manager
One Software Engineer
One UI/UX Designer


User interface design 
Interaction design 
Visual system design