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Welcome to my playground

Here are some of my experimental works using creative technology, 3D Modeling, Virtual Production, Creative Coding, Arduino, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality. (For more information, please check my blog.)
未命名作品 10.JPG
The Shell is a conceptual art project that discusses aesthetic standards and their impact through multiple media.
未命名作品 3.jpg
Chocolate Factory is an interactive installation that converts pressure into edible chocolate.
Mr. Candy is a physical art toy design project. Mr. Candy itself wears a colorful suit and carries a mini suitcase.
Absurd treatment museum is a multimedia museum design integrating architectural design, interaction design, virtual reality, creative coding, and projection mapping.
Monet’s Symphony is an interactive installation that can convert paintings into songs.
Abracadabra is a creative coding project that generates unique magical circles and positive energy.
Factory, Runway is a 3D animation project that discusses aesthetic standards and the alienation of the human body.
Cactus Flamingo is an experimental comic project using storytelling to discuss dreams, surveillance, and rebellion. 
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