In this week, I reviewed the knowledge about the vector last week, and through the study of Newton’s first and second laws, I learned the methods of how to use code to initially implement simulation.

I'm very sorry that I didn't make any satisfing work this week. After watching the tutorial video, I tried to build some stimulating effects with force. But the results are not as good as I thought.

I realized that I didn't get a clear understanding of what I learned this week. So I tried to analyze an example which simulates petals falling that I saw before. In this example, no vector was used, but it also showed a very natural effect. I did some changes of this based on my understanding, and  tried to rewrite this case using the vector, but stuck at some syntax and cannot finish it. Sorry again for not being able to make a satisfactory result in a whole week. Hope to solve these problems in zoom meetings and office hours.