Fractals and Cellular Automata

Fractals visual effects always remind me of kaleidoscopes, which have their own continuity and variety. In this week, I used another tool to make fractal visual works instead of p5.js.

Apophysis is an old open source fractal flame editor, the tutorials that I found on Youtube are like 8 or more years ago. However, the visual effects created by it are still quite good. Since recently I'm trying to find more tools to create digital artworks, using Apophysis for this homework is a different experience.

I followed a Chinese Apophysis tutorial to make a frozen flower, the process of creating peddles and adding details is quite fun. I made some little changes based on the tutorial, I thought it would only do tiny changes about the colors or the shapes, but in the end, images look so different with a slight change of the parameters.



I made this on my old Windows laptop at my home because Apophysis is that it's not available for Mac, after I back to Shanghai I can only use Mac so I haven't done any improvement to my fractals work. Luckily, I just found Chaotica which is also an editor that is similar to Apophysis and it's available for Mac.