physical computing(Project 3)





My idea of project 2 is to appreciate masterpiece through sound

My idea of project 3 is to pick the highlights in masterpiece and use them to create your own art works.

The idea of my final project is actually one idea that I didn’t achieve in my project 2, which is to build a crayon machine. If you have seen my project 2, you might notice that I’m obsessed with the idea of the conversion between colors and sounds, in this project, I want to continue this idea and make a further step.

Based on project 2, I’m planning to add some functions to the color picker, make it not only be able capture the colors on the canvas and turn on the lights and audio, but also give audiences some physical feedback, like souvenirs. In this case, the souvenir will be a crayon.

My original idea about the interaction of project 3 is to let audiences pick color from the canvas on p5, then the crayons raw material particles of different colors will fall from the container to a mold. The raw materials will be melted then transformed into a new crayon after cooling.

But I’m not sure if the idea will work, especially about the material and the temperature, so I did some experiments. Turns out, to make sure raw material melted perfectly, the temperature must be very high. It’s very unstable and dangerous to put the heating part in this project. Besides, it also takes longer than I thought to cool down, this delay might affect the interactive experience in a bad way.

Then I changed my idea, to divide my original idea into two parts the first is to obtaining raw materials and the second is to make crayons. In the first part, audience use the picker to get material particles with the same color they pick。In the second part, audience melt these particles and create the crayon by themselves (this part is not the automated manufacturing of machines).

I’ll focus more on the first part, combine what I’ve already done in project 2 with vending machine. The electronic components that I ‘m going to use are LED lights, servo motors and color sensors.