physical computing(week2)



1.Preparing the breadboard


I removed the wire (connecting 5V on Arduino Uno) from breadboard, and I assumed the LED will turn down, but it didn't. Does it mean that the A2 gives the power to the circuit?

2.Digital input


The circuit didn't work at first. Echo and I tried many ways to make it work. Eventually, we found out that we connect the button in a wrong way.

(I'm sorry that this circuit diagram is not very appropriate, I'll manage the knowledge about electricity ASAP.)

3. Analog input

4.Finding Sensor Range


Echo and I also made this circuit with photocell sensor, but the data changed very little (not as much as force-sensing resistor), I don't know the reason is that the quality of the photocell sensor we use is not good enough, or is that we didn't connect it in the right way.)

5.Helping Nancy debug


Echo and I helped Nancy to adjust her circuit. In the process, we found two problems. The first problem might caused by her breadboard, and the second problem might be caused by a short circuit. However, we are not sure whether our ideas are correct. There are more details In Nancy's blog.