physical computing(week3)




1.Tone & Potentiometer

It's very important to use the right resistor in this lab. I used a 1k resistor at first, the sound of the speaker was too quiet to hear ( or if there was any sound?).

The speaker worked well after I changed the resistor to 550m.

1⃣️ (the tone didn't change too much and sounds weird)


​2⃣️ (now it sounds much better)


The new thing I learned from this lab is the "pitch.h".

Since my background has almost nothing related to computer science, it took some time for Echo to explain it to me.(Thanks Echo!!!) I wonder will there be more ".h" that we are going to use in labs, and what are they? ( I'm also learning Unity recently, and I think it is quite similar with the "script" in Unity assets.(does it?))

3.Sensor and speaker

I made a huge mistake when I built the circuit.

These two resistors should be in series, but I made them in parallel. And it took me a long time to figure out why these resistor should be in parallel before I found out  I read the picture wrongly.😂

4.musical instrument

I love my little piano!!!🎶🎶  But I don't think  that I understand the code of this lab at present.😔


1.Servo motor

It's the first electronic component I used that can MOVE! Looking forward to do more interesting labs with it.