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Animation 004

Updated: Jan 15, 2022

Project 2 Part 2

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1. Assets

2. Scenes

3. Memories

We took some Japanese animations as references and changed scenes in a pop-up style. For each part of the background pop-up, we added rebound dynamics to enrich the visual effect of the animation. This conversion method is also combined with subtitles when editing. We all agree that the soundtrack in Tom and jerry is more in line with our expectations, but they are not the best choice for emotions and story in our animation. So we collected a lot of symphonies and classical music. Solo music such as piano music seems too thin with our work, and music played by multiple musical instruments is more suitable. The resulting background music is very fairy tale, like the music of the eight-ton box, which implies that candy, like a puppet in the eight-ton box, keeps looping in a box and contrasts with the story's style itself. More details are in Echo's blog ⬇️

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