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DAT 003

Updated: Sep 30, 2021

homework :

1. reading

2. making a mask design

Masks have become a part of our lives since the covid started, we need to wear it every day (in public places), Almost anyone has a clear idea of the pros and cons that masks bring us, and anyone can name at least three things that masks can be improved in a minute, such as the high price, the difficulty of breathing caused by wearing them, the pressure on the nose and the ears, etc. After research, all of these problems have their solutions. So how can I demonstrate my design value?

The first thing that came to my mind was to make integration, to solve several problems with one design. The problems I want to solve are: the discomfort caused by masks bandages, most masks are not beautiful enough, and the material of the masks gets dirty easily. At the same time, I got inspiration from Grimes' look at the Met gala and wanted to make a metal mask.

I used tin cans as material, and tested a lot to get a perfect pattern that fit my face.

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