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Designing the Absurd 01

Updated: Sep 10, 2021


Phone Add-On device/object.

  • Thought Starters What qualifies as a phone add-on as opposed to an accessory? How is the device/object connected to or powered by the phone? Does the interaction serve any purpose? How does the form factor and attributes relate to the topic?

  • This assignment should be done in groups of 2.

  • Due: Week 4 (09/23)

Project 1

Mobile phones are extensions of behavioral functions for today's people.

Humans have added more and more functions to mobile phones, making mobile phones evolve step by step from the original call tool to the integration of surfing the Internet, shopping, buying tickets, taking taxis, social networking and other functions.

From a human perspective, this change is beneficial, as we hand over more and more of our daily tasks to our phones, expecting them to help us complete the stuffs, thereby saving us more time and energy.

But from the phones' point of view, are they happy with the change? Are they willing to do more work while getting lighter and thinner? If mobile phones had their choice, would they outsource these tasks to other devices, just as humans outsource their work to mobile phones?

Based on this, for the first project, Jason and I planed to work together, and make a phone add-on to finish phone's work.

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