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Hedonomic VR Design 001

Updated: Nov 11, 2021

In the first class, Michelle explained the concept of Hedonomics and guided us to set the Oculus in class.

For this week's assignment:

Reading: From Ergonomics to Hedonomics: Trends in Human Factors and Technology

Practice: Make sure your simple VR scene works in VR. Export it as an APK and send me a link to download it. Try sideloading it yourself to ensure everything works. Add your Oculus ID to this sheet and make sure you're set up to demo Horizon next week.

Because I haven't used windows PC for a LONG time and it's also the first time for me to use Unity and Oculus, I met SO MANY problems. Here I listed all the bugs/ problems I've come up with during the process of setting up.

Oculus part:

  1. I applied for three accounts (both Facebook account and Oculus account)

  • The problem with the first account: I forgot my password, and the Oculus won't send me the email about resetting my password; I never received any emails.

  • The problem with the second account: I signed up for this account using the QQ mailbox, which is served by TengXu, a Chinese company. I was not able to sign in on my Oculus device.

  • The third account finally worked! However, I still had difficulties signing in as a developer and could not find "developer mode." I tried multiple times on Friday and Saturday without success, but when I tried on Sunday, things just worked (and I don't know why).

2. sign in and log out on the Oculus device

  • I spent a long time finding where I could log out on Quest 2 and found out I can only do the factory reset to get rid of the account on Quest 2.

Unity Part:

  1. Unityhub

After I downloaded Unityhub, I couldn't find 2020.3.18f1 in the hub; I can only download it on the website.

After I downloaded it, there was no option of the "Add Modules."

I looked for tutorials about how to solve a problem like this. Here's what I found⬇️

I changed the edition.json followed this tutorial, "Add modules" finally showed up, BUT looking like this⬇️

I ran out of but to change another windows laptop eventually. ( If you worked well on laptops 04, 09, and one without any label, please get in touch with me!!!!!! I want to know why!)

I also tried to use 2020.3.21f1, but I couldn't find the file "OpenJDK."

Eventually, I used laptop 10 to create a .apk file without any asset successfully. (MY FIRST.apk file! YEAH!!!!) But when I wanted to put something into it or just wanted to use the Usage file that I downloaded from the Asset Store, bugs showed up...

I gave up.

The next day I used my Mac to do the whole set of Unity and Oculus; everything worked just fine! (????????) Then I saved those .apk files and used sideQuest to upload them into my Oculus, and both worked! (?????????)

(There are still a bug about this file, I can only see the space in a 2D way but can't get into this space)

( The problem with this file is that I can't use the hand track, even I turned the hand track function on.)

So here comes a question, I don't know why we should use Windows other than the Mac laptop based on my setting experience? Could anyone tell me the pros and cons of using Windows/Mac for the Unity project?

I bought my Oculus after this long trip, spent a whole afternoon playing VR games and watching VR videos as a reward(?).

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