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Hedonomic VR Design 004

Updated: Nov 18, 2021


Readings: Browse through pages 31-50 of Design Methods for VR, Oculus’ Designing Accessible VR and Interaction Basics guides, and VR UX Guidelines 6-10.

Practice: Make sure the DebugUI sample scene works for you in VR. Try adding more panes by going to CanvasWithDebug’s DebugUIBuilder component and adding Target Content Panels. If you didn't complete today's demo in class, follow the "Everything Working Together" instructions to set up a simple scene with raycastable panels.

(in-class practice)

The process of creating the UI in class is quite fluent. But after I uploaded it into the Quest, I can't see the interface. Still looking for tutorials about why this happened.

(after class practice)

I followed this tutorial to make another scene about UI in Unity. And met these problems⬆️

(still working to figure out)

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