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Hedonomic VR Design 005

Readings: Familiarize yourself with the Gestalt Principles of Design and then read The Current State of Text in AR, Designing 2D UI in 3D and this Mixed Reality Case Study.

Practice: Review the TextMesh guide. Use our Importing GUI or Modding Components demos from class to design and implement a custom layout in your Unity scene.

Final Project: Take some time to think on and sketch out your final project idea. Come to our next class ready to share your concept (visuals welcome but not required).

For the final project, I have three ideas and they are all based on my previous project.

The first one is to combine the User interface in Unity with an instrumental toy I designed in college. The toy is made of one show stand and sixteen modules. When you press the module, there will be a certain color of light and sound, when you attach two or three of the modules together, there will be a different kind of sound, and by putting the module on the stand in a different way, users are able to form their own simple symphony.

I designed the user interface based on the phone, but I don't think that the phone-based interface is a good presentation of this toy. However, the VR environment can be an ideal place to present this toy, caused it can offer the experience of emerging interaction-- people who do not have the physical toy can also play it in the virtual world.

The problem with this idea is that I don't think I can achieve my concepts in such a short time, and logical relationship is not very clear yet.

The second idea is based on the design research work I made in the first half of this semester, which is about second clothes recycling. I got so many inspirations from the works of artists called Nicole McLaughlin. I really love her mix and matching way of fashion creation. However, I can't find the necessity of creating a user interface about second-hand clothes in the virtual world. The media just don't match the theme (or I haven't come up with a plausible connection between the media and the theme.)

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