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ICM 004

Make something with a lot of repetition, more than you want to hand-code.

  • You could take something you've already done where there was a lot of repetition in the code and see if you can re-write it using a loop so that instead of 28 lines of code that call rect(), you have 1 line of code calls rect() inside of a loop that goes around 28 times. How do you need to rework the way you position that rect() in order to make it work in a loop?

  • Or try creating an algorithmic design with simple parameters. One example is to invent your own 10PRINT design. Here are some resources: Coding Train Coding Challenge: 10PRINT and example code. Another source of inspiration: Sol Lewitt's Wall Drawings.


When pressing the mouse, the initial figure can’t align with others. (very unfriendly to OCD patients😂)

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