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ICM 010

The idea this week is to use the properties and data sound as integral components of your sketch.

  • OPTION 1: Create a sketch that analyzes the sound and translates it into something visual. Use live or recorded audio. Use color, video, images, pixels, or whatever you fancy representing the sound. Some ideas: imagine you are visualizing music for people who cannot hear. Can your visualization be as expressive as the music itself? Or maybe you are visualizing the differences in noise pollution in different cities? What does the sound of different cities look like?

  • OPTION 2: Revisit a former sketch with mouse interaction and replace the mouse input with audio input such that the action is driven by sound instead. For example, if you can paint with your mouse, then can you draw with some type of audio input instead? Go beyond adding sound effects, and be intentional about your sound choices.

I'm sorry that I didn't record the sound.😭 But you can try it here.

I got inspiration from The Coding Train 17.11 Sound Visualization: Frequency Analysis with FFT - p5.js Sound Tutorial, I didn't figure out why the variation only appears in the circle from degree 0 to (almost) degree 330, why it can't complete a full circle. Is the problem with the music file?

Here is another dumb sketch, it's super simple but the music is my favorite (highly recommend!).

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