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Updated: Jan 12, 2022


1. Tone & Potentiometer

a. (the tone didn't change too much and sounds weird)

It's very important to use the right resistor in this lab. I used a 1k resistor at first, the sound of the speaker was too quiet to hear ( or if there was any sound?).

The speaker worked well after I changed the resistor to 550m.

​b. (now it sounds much better)

2. Pitches

The new thing I learned from this lab is the "pitch. h".

Since my background has almost nothing related to computer science, it took some time for Echo to explain it to me. (Thanks Echo!!!) I wonder will there be more ".h" that we are going to use in labs, and what are they? ( I'm also learning Unity recently, and I think it is quite similar to the "script" in Unity assets. (does it?))

3. Sensor and speaker

I made a huge mistake when I built the circuit.

These two resistors should be in series, but I made them in parallel. And it took me a long time to figure out why these resistors should be in parallel before I found out I read the picture wrongly.😂

4. Musical instrument

I love my little piano!!!🎶🎶 But I don't think that I understand the code of this lab at present.😔


1. Servo motor

It's the first electronic component I used that can MOVE! Looking forward to doing more interesting labs with it.

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