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Performative Avatars 003

Updated: Feb 23, 2022

In-class discussion:

1. Who do you think the avatars based on the real people belong to?Game company? Real people? or it depends?

Me: To me, I think it depends on the most important part/greatest value of this avatar; if the delicate outlook of this avatar is its greatest value, then the 3D artist who builds this might own it. But if the greatest value of the avatar is the fame/influence based on a certain celebrity, then the celebrity might own the avatar. Also, the ownership can be changed through a deal or donation.

2. What is the meaning of being in a character / Avatar?Even if someone owned their character, It's going to be hard to write down every single use because the situation can be changed though the environment.What kind of rules we might need? and how to deal with it?

3. Do you believe that the immortal digital identity will be a thing in everyone's life in the future ? Is it an extension of your identity or a mutation towards your identity ?

Me: I don’t deny the possibility. But I hate this idea of the “immortal identity”. I can’t see the meaning of being immortal. Stay alive is a phase/part of life, so does death. I don’t want to miss any phase/part. I think the identity/meaning of me/my life is the sum of different phases so that I won’t regard “immortal” as the extension of me; compared with extension, it sounds more like a missing part.

4. Imagine a photo of you are used as one of the render ghosts in the architectural visualizations.What does it feel like? To become a part of the network, for your image, a part of your self, to be separate from you and have this other life, endlessly reproduced, endlessly pixelated.Would it be a shock, or a pleasant surprise – even an adventure?

Poor animation exercise:





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