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The nature of code 002

Updated: Jan 15, 2022


I found that this week's tutorials are more complex than last week's. The conception of the vector is clear, but understanding and remembering the meanings of all the syntax took me some time.

I had no idea about this week's assignment at first; after watching some examples, I found a thing called "Celtic knot," and there are so many gifs about it. Since now it's the Spring Festival holiday, and Chinese knots can be seen everywhere, I thought it would be fun to make a Chinese knot gif using p5.js.

The process of creating this is not as easy as I thought; finding the proper acceleration of rectangle is a hard job, if the value is small, then it would move too slow to form a fluent line; if the value is enormous, then it would be difficult to observe. Till now, I'm still not satisfied with the effect; I'll keep working on making it better.

However, doing exercise really helps me to find the point that I didn't fully understand in tutorials, and also helps me to have a clear idea of how to use these syntaxes.


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