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Thesis 001

So far I haven't had a clear idea about what I'm going to make for my thesis project, But I'm sure this will be a combination of 3D art, Virtual reality, and fabrication. Among three of these elements, Virtual reality is the one that I know nothing about, so I plan to give myself more time to get into it by taking more classes about VR for the rest of this semester and next semester. ( I'm planning to take synthetic architecture and performative avatars. If you've taken these classes and are willing to give some feedback and suggestions pleased to leave a comment.)

The research I planned to start with is how to make 3D art, to be more specific the 3D art that I love and want to make in the following future. Here are some examples.

This week I found a tutorial (6 hours and 55 minutes, haven't finished this, just saw a little, plan to put it in my to-do list and finish it in the following 3 weeks). It shows basic logic and some software that may involve in the process of 3D art-making.


  • Zbrush-- to build character/ animals/ creatures (downloaded ☑️)

  • Substance Painter-- to paint UV texture/ material

  • Marvelous Designer-- to make the models of clothes

  • Cinema 4D & Octane/ Blender/ Maya-- to build models, scenes and render (downloaded ☑️)

  • Megascans Bridge-- texture related

  • Photoshop-- 2D picture (downloaded ☑️)


HDRI Haven-- textures

KitBash3D-- secens

TexturingXYZ-- the texture of the character

CGTrader -- models

TurboSquid -- models

The process of making:

1. Zbrush(make the models of animals/ creatures)

2. Substance Painter(draw the UV texture of the models)

3. Daz3D (make the model of characters/ human)

4. Marvelous Designer (build clothes)

5. Cinema 4D (build scenes and render)

6. Photoshop (adjust 2D graphic)

To-do list for the following days (software& tech part):

  • finish the tutorial (3D 软体大乱斗)

  • download all the software that is required

  • try to make one demo/prototype after watching


I talked with Kseniia about my idea of thesis (mainly talking about the 3D, VR, and fab part) and she asked me why I want to make this and what I try to express, which make me realize that all the things I've come up with are just approaches, not the goal. So what do I really want to express???? I have no clear idea.

The experience of making the slides of self-introduction does help me to know myself better, and I think this is the first time I found that doing this thing is quite useful, it helps me to partly see who I am (or help me to start concern the question of "Who I am").

In my slide, I mentioned I really want to be a witch, why do I want that? Why I'm interested in witchcraft but being a materialist at the same time???

This upper (Chinese version of YouTuber) is impressed me a lot by sharing knowledge related to art history and appreciation. In this video ⬇️ she recommended several books related to witchcraft.

and one of them is The Golden Bough.

Based on her description, I found that this book does show me some explanations for my interests, and I'm also interested in the other things mentioned in the book. So in the following weeks, I plan to read it as much as I can. (The book is not easy to read even in the Chinese version, hopefully, I can finish part of it in Chinese than the whole book, then the English version, then understand)

The main idea of my thesis may not related to it at all. But I still want to put it here as a part of my thesis processing. First, it's because Sarah mentioned the researches rubber duck even count cause it's a way for us to get to know how to research. The second (most important)thing is, to me, the thesis is the result of the combination of what I find what I think and what I learn in ITP, and knowing myself is a big part of it.

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2 commenti

Cezar Mocan
Cezar Mocan
09 nov 2021

Hi, this is Cezar, one of your thesis residents! First off, thank you for the thorough post – great to see where your mind's at. Really excited to see where the research into witchcraft leads you, it's such a vast, powerful topic.

Regarding the ITP classes you're mentioning – I've taken both Synthetic Architectures and Performative Avatars in the past, and I'm always down to talk about them; had a great experience with both.

Also – Cy X, the other resident in our thesis section, incorporates notions of witchcraft into their art practice, and I'm sure they've researched the subject extensively. Definitely a knowledgeable person to talk to.

Mi piace
Jane Meng
Jane Meng
10 nov 2021
Risposta a

Thank you Cezar!!! 😊

Mi piace
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