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Thesis 002

Updated: Nov 17, 2021

For this week's assignment.

  • Blog post #2:

    • After you’ve begun your research: post about what or how you think your work might contribute to, or explore from a unique angle, what already exists in similar fields OR simply summarize your findings!

    • Include a concept map or mindmap (I recommend using Miro!)

    • Photograph and reflect on the something-to-nothing activity > post a picture of your paper, answer any open-ended questions from the exercise (on these slides)


Database(s), catalog(s), or search engine(s)

Words/terms that you searched

Limits/filters you used (if any)

New terms or ideas you discovered

Potentially good books/articles/websites you found

Other notes or reflection

The past week might be the longest week in my life so far. I gained a lot from this week, gained some new knowledge, and came up with some new ideas.

I continued with the tutorial and the book that I mentioned in the last blog this week (but not too much) also continue to collect some of the information about the project that I want to make, and here are some of them:

  • The current situation for virtual idols:

Global Fashion avatars research Report

Download PDF • 5.76MB

(sorry it's only in Chinese)

  • Fabrication tutorial about how to make ball jointed dolls:

This video really inspires me a lot and helps me to get a clear idea of how to make the delicate fabrication of a doll. I have to admit it's way more difficult than I expected, but I'm still quite interested in it. I might do research about the materials mentioned in this video in the following weeks.

  • Deeper thought about the medium

Except for making a doll, I didn't have too much thinking about the physical medium. But I got into something new this week and kind of expanding my mind.

Gentle monster (exhibition)

I talked with Pedro about my idea, and he told me I could look more about Animatronics

(I know I can't make fine things like this, but I did gain more impetus after knowing this.)

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