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Thesis 003

To be honest, I didn't do too much work on the thesis this week (not too much about researches and practice). But I did spend some time thinking about the forms and the theme of my thesis.

For last week's thesis class discussion, Wyatt and Phil's feedbacks really inspired me a lot. How to find a persuasive way to present the connection between the physical world and the virtual world is quite difficult. Wyatt mentioned presenting the two worlds in a reverse way, and Phil suggested thinking about the ideation of "twins", and the parallel connection (like the similarities and differences of the developing process).

Based on this, I looked through some artworks that related to "virtual"&"reality", "twins", "developing process" and so on.

(like Through the Looking-Glass, and What Alice Found There)

(like Matrix (?))

(like BlackSwan(?))

Also in this week's designing the absurd class, Pedro mentioned a lot about Aesthetics, Prosthetics, Ergonomics which inspired me a lot (kind of have vague ideas about my thesis theme). Maybe for this artistic part, I can start with things like the human body or anatomy (?).

What's more, I watched a short animation video and was impressed by its vibe and storytelling method. I think what I want to make is similar to this but in a 3D version.

(I'm sorry this blog is not logical at all, I even don't know what I'm talking about)

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