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Thesis Part2 001

Thesis statement:

Some of the mistakes:

Physical part:

  1. Want to make a physical doll using all traditional ways (time ❌, money❌)

  2. Underestimate the cost of physical material

  3. Knowing nothing (technical, software, implementation method) about interaction realization.

Virtual part:

  1. No key point. (Did research about 3D software, but want to learn all of them, which is impossible to achieve in a limited time)

  2. Be too obsessed about the concept of “beautiful”, totally ignore the time and effort that professional 3D artists put in during their learning process)

  3. Fragmented researches


  1. Have no idea about project management.

What I gained/came up with/ learned:

Physical part:

  1. 3D print way of making BJD (Thanks to big data)

  2. The cost of the material/equipment/time (Thanks to big data)

  3. Mechanism part (Fusion360) (Thanks to LuLu)

Virtual part:

  1. Cel shading (Thanks to Kevin)

  2. Metahuman (Thanks to bigdata)

  3. Process about virtual avatars (Thanks to Albert)

  4. Music (Thanks to Pedro, Thanks to Wintergatan)

  5. New desktop (Thanks to mom and dad’s financial support)


  1. Concept to management

  2. Ideation development

  3. Seeking help & problem solving

(Thanks to my new friends, old friends, and all shit things/ person I met during the winter holiday)

Goal: animation, interaction, animatronics

Cost: $2000 on the computer already, haven’t decided the rest part

Time: 103 days left

New process:

1.Modeling :

1.1: Zbrush/Blender(most important),

1.2: UE4(most important),

1.3: Fusion 360(second important),

1.4: metahuman(try),

1.5: cel shading(try),

1.6: maya,C4D, Marvelous Designer… (if there’s time left)

2.Virtual Part:

1.1 rig/render/animation (still learning through PA class)

1.2 interaction (UE4 and…)

3. Physical Part:

3.1 print/fabrication/finish

3.2 interaction (Fusion and…)

4. Assemble

5. Refine

6. Presentation

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