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Video and sound 003

Updated: Jan 15, 2022

Final project: Sleeping Beauty Team members: Gracia Zhang, Bei Hu, Jane Meng

1. Theme:

The final project that my team is planning to do for the final project is to retell the story of Sleeping Beauty.

2. Script:

The main character of our story is a woman who worked hard in a big city. One day she decided to go back to her hometown because she couldn't stand the pressure and the heavy workload of her work. When she arrived at the train station, she found that the other passengers in the waiting hall were full of energy, with specific destinations and things to do, utterly different from herself, who looked spiritless in the mirror. After getting on the train, she looked out of the window, feeling the despair and frustration of life again. She remembered fairy tales and wondered if she could enter the fairy tales and experience adventures, love, and miracles. She longs to escape from her boring life. She gradually fell asleep, and when she woke up, she came to a fairytale-like world. She entered the castle, got into the loft, and saw the same spinning needle in the fairy tale. She took the initiative to pierce her finger and fell into a deep sleep, hoping that a different life would come together when she was awakened. (At this time, the viewer in the prince's perspective can choose to revive the main character in different ways.) Unlike fairy tales, true love kisses, magic potions, and spells do not affect her. In the end, she can only be awakened by the ordinary, happy little things, such as her unfinished work, the cat that she didn't have time to feed, the new episode she didn't find time to finish watching, etc.

3. Tool:

Currently, we plan to use Unity to do this project, hoping it can be more interactive than sound walk.

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