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Video and sound final

Updated: Jan 15, 2022

Final Project

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1. Introduction

In the final project, we used Unity to create an interactive game to tell the story, the retelling of Sleeping Beauty. Our game scene is divided into two parts: the natural world and the fairy tale world. The heroine is a hard-working woman in the modern world who comes to the fairy tale world of Sleeping Beauty by accident. Players can help her to make a decision--to escape from her heavy work in real life and stay in the fairy tale world forever, or to go back to the real world and face everything bravely. In this game, the heroine is no longer awakened by the true love kiss in the original Sleeping Beauty fairy tale but awakened by herself with her independence and courage as a modern woman.

2. Game & Scenes

3. More description 😂

This project presents fairytale sleeping beauty creatively and critically. Instead of a princess, the main character of our story is a woman who worked hard in a big city. One day She couldn't stand the pressure, the heavy workload of her life anymore, and long to escape from it. Suddenly She came up with the fairy tales, wondering if she could enter the fairy tales world, experiencing adventures, love, and miracles. When she fell asleep, she came to a fairytale world. She was in the loft of an old castle. Unlike fairy tales, true love kisses, magic potions, and spells do not affect her. In the end, it's up to her to be back to her real life; she could only be awakened if she willingly touched the trigger hidden in the forest near the castle. I appreciate my teammates Gracia and Bei. Gracia gathered all the assets and built the city and castle scenes in Unity. Bei made the sounds for the castle scene and created the triggers that enabled the main character to return to her real life. I attached sounds in the actual world room and made the trigger that enabled the main character to travel from the city room to the castle loft. Thanks to my team member again! Enjoy working with all of you. ​

4. Credits:

Unity Sound Package provided by Gabe (Thanks, Gabe!!!) Visual assets from Unity Asset Store Sounds from

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